Change Materials
Reimaging the materials we use. And how we use them.
Since 2024, we've replaced virgin polyester with recycled polyester wherever possible.
The creation of materials consumes resources, and that has a big impact on the planet. The need to change materials now matters more than ever. And the selection of one material over another makes a difference in reducing our impact on the planet. That's why we’re continuing to convert our material portfolio into recycled and renewable materials. Yes, we’re a big company. And big companies need time to change direction. But being big has its advantages. We’re able to make changes on a big scale. Since 2024, we've replaced virgin polyester with recycled polyester wherever possible. And we’re exploring ways to make sure most of our products are made using a significant amount of preferred materials which are recycled or renewable.
The less we rely on fossil fuels, move to renewable resources and reuse existing materials, the more we reduce our impact on the planet. Collaboration speeds up change. That’s why in 2018 we teamed up with Fashion for Good - a global initiative that aims to make fashion a force for good. Together, we’re collaborating with brands, retailers and manufacturers on projects that look for ways to incorporate disruptive innovation into the fashion industry, in a way that can be scaled for the long-term. Change doesn’t mean compromise. It means performance. And we’re not done yet.
Creating something new from what’s already been created.
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Embrace our planet's potential to create renewable resources.
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Vegan alternatives that let you stay true to your values.
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