Wear Longer
Find ways that extend the life of our products and materials. For as long as possible.
our approach
We’re creating an equal playing field through our people and our culture by holding ourselves accountable. All so that our team can thrive, together.
We’re creating pilot programs that continuously look for new ways in which we can extend the life of products and materials. For as long as possible. And to do this we're rethinking, redesigning, repairing and reusing as much as we can. We’re also collaborating with like-minded partners to help shape the way we operate. From inside and outside of our industry. These partners include policy makers, research institutes, recyclers, sorters, brands as well as industry alliances. Once we see results from the pilots, along with our partners, we look for ways in which we can incorporate them into the way we operate. At the same time, we're also exploring learnings from past initiatives like Futurecraft.Loop, Made To Be Remade products, Rental and Take back programs. Change takes time. We won’t have all the answers tomorrow. But we will keep testing and learning.
Sometimes giving a product a new lease on life only needs a small fix. That’s why we created a repair service in our Munich Terrex store where people bring their worn-out garments to us, and we repair them. Born from our FUTURECRAFT.LOOP program, Made To Be Remade products were the very first products that we’ve developed with an end-of-life solution in mind. The clothes and shoes are worn, returned, then will be remade into something new. Made To Be Remade was a proof of concept. We are now reviewing all learnings. One of the main learnings was the need to collaborate with more partners along all steps of the value chain – everything from collection to processing of the used products.
If you still have a worn-out Made to Be Remade product, send it back to us and we’ll give it a new life. In the spirit of collaboration, we are also the project leads on The Textile Recycling Excellence Project, T-REX for short – an EU publicly funded research project that aims to create a blueprint for recycling textile waste in Europe. Since 2022, we’ve also been an active member of the US based Remade institute. Remade brings together industry innovators, academic researchers, trade organizations, and national labs to accelerate the U.S.’s transition to a Circular Economy. It’s another opportunity for us to collaborate with even more partners from a variety of industries.
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